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What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is an alignment of cosmic forces with five key elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Space, and Wind)  of nature.Vastu is a Vedic system of architecture and design from ancient times recorded in various Vastu texts. It consists of rules for designing and constructing buildings in a systematic manner.

Why Hire Us?

Our commitment doesn’t end with the consultation. We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the positive effects of Vastu Shastra are sustained over time.

Vastu Experience

Providing Vastu services since 1991- Experience of more than 30+ years with clients all over the world..

Expert Team

A Team of experts who looks after Vastu designs, Research, Marketing, IT, and Backup service.

Authentic Vastu

We strictly follow five basic Vastu element rules in any layout which is the key factor in any Vastu design

About Us

Vastu Shastra has its roots in ancient Indian texts, including the Vedas and Puranas.  The principles of Vastu Shastra were traditionally used in the construction of temples, palaces, and homes to create environments that fostered positive energies.

Vision & Mission.

However, Vastu Shastra is generally associated with various educational and research institutions, as well as individual practitioners who aim to promote and preserve the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Why Choose Us?

Highlight your expertise and experience in Vastu Shastra.

Emphasize your ability to provide personalized Vastu solutions tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your clients.Showcase successful case studies or testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced positive changes in their lives after implementing Vastu principles.

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Consult with India's Best Vastu Consultant

Get detailed analysis and solution for all your problems